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T7Design K20/K24 Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate (Non-Thermostatic)

T7Design K20/K24 Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate (Non-Thermostatic)

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7DD-12C-EE6 - K20/K24 Honda Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate AN10 (Non-Thermostatic)

The T7Design K20/K24 Oil Cooler Sandwich plate has been designed as a direct replacement for the OEM Honda oil cooler doughnut for applications where a greater amount of oil cooling is required, it has been designed to utilise the stock centre bolt and works with the OEM Honda oil filter. On the front, two AN10 Male adapters are included to run rubber or braided hose off to your cooler, they are also offset just the right amount so that in tight spaces two 90 degree AN Fittings sit as close as possible to the timing chain cover and protrude no further than the crank pulley, this ensures there will be no clearance issues on even the tightest K-swap engine bays! On the opposite side of our sandwich plate, we have integrated two ORB08 ports to utilise our bespoke adapters for accessories such as temperature senders, pressure sensors, oil feed take off's for Turbo's or to plumb in an Accusump system.

Please note that the non-thermostatic version of our sandwich plate is only compatible with the following scenarios':

Oil to Air Cooler: If you are running this kind of cooler, you will also need to run a remote inline thermostatic unit to bypass the oil cooler until the prescribed oil temperature is reached. Failure to do so will result in the oil potentially never reaching the correct operating temperature.

Oil to Water Cooler: Ideal for road car applications, an oil to water cooler does not need a thermostatic control device as the engine's coolant will regulate both minimum and maximum temperatures. For track use or turbo applications a larger than stock Oil to Water cooler will be desired.


  • Manufactured from high quality billet aluminium.
  • Media blasted and Hard Anodised black for superior finish and surface protection.
  • Designed using a high-resolution scan of the K20 engine and OEM parts to ensure perfect fitment.
  • 2x AN10 Outlets for oil in/out to cooler.
  • 2x ORB08 universal ports for optional sensors or turbo feed take off's.
  • Uses OEM Honda O-Ring.
  • Uses OEM Honda centre bolt.
  • Uses OEM Honda Filter.

Optional Port Adapters Function
ORB08 to AN04 Take-off for Turbo Oil Feed
ORB08 to 1/8" NPT Common Imperial thread size for oil temp sensors and pressure sensors
ORB08 to M10x1.0 Machined with the specific conical seat for the Bosch Dual Pressure/Temp Sensor only
ORB08 to M12x1.5 Common Metric thread size for oil temp sensors and pressure sensors
ORB08 to AN08 Feed for Accusump or other oil accumulator systems**
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