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T7Design K20 / K24 Spark Plug Cover (Black)

T7Design K20 / K24 Spark Plug Cover (Black)

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T7Design K20 Spark Plug Cover

Flush Mount Honda K20 / K24 Spark Plug Cover Black.

Our own Honda K20/K24 Spark Plug Covers are manufactured to a high standard and are made within the UK.

The cover begins life as a laser cut 3mm thick aluminium blank, the holes are then countersunk and then the blanks are precision folded to ensure the panel accurately follows the contours of the rocker cover. A lot of time has been spent ensuring these fit perfectly with minimal, even gaps and perfect fold angles. The covers are available in either natural aluminium for painting to match your own rocker cover or with a textured black powder coat.

These are supplied with Anodised black aluminium spacers to ensure the cover sits at the correct height, and also a pair of Countersunk Stainless Steel M6 Torx bolts.

Colour: Black

Product Code: 6E0-B90-99A


Makes your K series so clean

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