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BMC Air Filter for Honda EK1/EJ8/EK4/EM1

BMC Air Filter for Honda EK1/EJ8/EK4/EM1

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High-Flow BMC Panel Filter Increase Performance And Sound without The Risk Of Defects

Model: D16/B16

Model Code Chassis: Honda EK1 /EJ8/ EK4/ EM1

Engine Code: D16Y4/5/8 B16/B16A

Product Code: SU-FB107/01

your ultimate destination for BMC High Flow Air Filters! Elevate your driving experience with these top-of-the-line air filters that offer a host of incredible benefits. Unlock enhanced engine performance and fuel efficiency as these filters optimize airflow, allowing your vehicle to breathe more freely. Experience improved horsepower and torque, making every ride a thrilling adventure. BMC High Flow Air Filters also excel in engine protection, trapping even the finest particles while maintaining optimal airflow. With easy installation and a reputation for durability, these filters are a smart investment for any vehicle enthusiast. Browse our selection today and discover the power of BMC's advanced air filtration technology!"

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