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T7Design K20 K24 Electric Water Plate Kit (Raw)

T7Design K20 K24 Electric Water Plate Kit (Raw)

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K20/K24 Billet Water Plate Kit - RAW Finish

Introducing our new billet water plate kit for the Honda K20 and K24, this kit has been specifically designed to save weight, reduce parasitic drag and tuck the OEM alternator closer to the block. Our kit removes the hefty mechanical pump, housing, thermostat, bypass hose, tensioner and idler pulley resulting in a considerable weight and space saving. Our kit also allows you to retain the original alternator and is compatible with both versions of OEM K20 alternators, and aftermarket high-output alternators as long as they run the original casings.

Our latest revision of our very popular Electric Water Plate Kit has been designed to improve the functionality, strength, aesthetics and end user ergonomics. Version 2.0 includes the addition of an upper alternator brace, alteration to outlet port to ORB16 thread improving versitility allowing a variety of fittings to be used along with the breather port now having the option a wide range of fittings thanks to its ORB10 port. We have incorporated one set of lower spacers into the lower bracket reducing the number of components and easing the installation process. And finally we included a groove on the back face to illustrate where sealant needs to be applied during installation.

We recommend this kit to be used in conjunction with a Davies Craig EWP130 with Digital Controller (8990).

The included belt is compatible with the K20a (5.12" Dia) and K20a2 (5.47" Dia) crank pulleys, anything larger and you may have to use a longer belt.

*Belt Tension Guide - Please ensure the belt tension is within the range specified in the attached Belt Tension Guide.*

For race applications where you may see higher than stock RPM it would be worth under driving the alternator pulley by installing a larger alt pulley, this may also require a longer alternator belt.


  • Fully machined from billet 6061-T6 Aluminium; a high strength, low weight alloy.
  • Pully slider machined from 316 Marine grade Stainless Steel for superior finish and corrosion resistance.
  • Designed from a fully laser scanned K20 ensures perfect fitment and belt alignment.
  • Manually adjustable tensioner ensures fine tuneable belt tension.
  • Includes a high quality 7 Rib Gates belt, and a GKN high temp sealed pulley bearing.
  • High strength, multi-piece design ensures alternator is fully secured.
  • Available in RAW or Anodised Black finish.
  • No alternator pulley swap required.
  • Designed to fit almost all K20 & K24 engines apart from K24Z4.
  • Designed for street, circuit, drifting and drag racing.
  • AN16 and 32mm Hose outlet included

Hose Compatibility 32mm (1.25") or AN16
Top Port ORB10 Crank Case Breather
Material Billet 6061-T6 & 316 Stainless Steel
Finish RAW Machined Finish
Manufacturer T7Design
Part Number C0C-E24-2AF
Kit Contents
Quantity Item
1x Instruction Manual
1x Technical Diagrams including Bill-of-Materials
1x Billet Water Plate Kit
1x Billet Pulley with Pressed in GKN Bearing
1x Bolt & Hardware Pack
1x 7-Rib Gates Belt
1x ORB16 to 32mm Hose adapter
1x ORB16-AN16MM Adapter

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