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Honda K20Z4 K24A Water Outlet Neck

Honda K20Z4 K24A Water Outlet Neck

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Honda K20Z4 & K24A Water Outlet Neck

Introducing our new water outlet neck for the Honda K20Z4 and K24A engine, which offers the end user more options for custom and race set ups over the original water outlet neck. For example, we have included an ORB16 threaded outlet to allow the user to run either a 32mm hose adapter, or an AN16 fitting. Located on the top of the outlet plate is an ORB06 female thread to allow easy bleeding of the engine coolant, or it could be used to route an air bleed hose to a header tank utilising a variety of adapters. Located on the front face, we have included an ORB10 female thread which can be used for various application: for the installation of the water feed to the heater core, it can be repurposed as a turbo water feed, or the port can simply be blanked off using our slimline port plugs.

We can confirm this water outlet neck is compatible with the K20A7, K20Z3, K20Z4, K24A and K24A2 engine. It is not compatible with the K20A4 and K24A1 engine variants.



  • ORB16: For top radiator hose, OEM 32mm Hose barb or AN16 options available.
  • ORB06: Air bleed, utilising an ORB06 slimline blanking plug or an adapter for a header tank.
  • ORB10: For heater outlet or blanked off utilising a slimline port plug.
  • Designed using metrology-grade 3D laser scanning ensuring a perfect, direct fitment.

Engine Compatibility K20A7, K20Z3, K20Z4, K24A, K24A2
Construction Billet 6061-T6 Aluminium
Finish Hard Anodised Black
Manufacturer T7Design
Kit Contents
Quantity Description
1x K20Z4 / K24A Water Outlet Plate
1x Metal Pressed Gasket
4x M8 x 30mm BZP Cap Head Bolts
3x Optional Adapters chosen during checkout


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