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K2F K20 to S2000 Gearbox Adapter Plate Kit

K2F K20 to S2000 Gearbox Adapter Plate Kit

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T7Design K20 to S2000 Gearbox Adapter Plate Kit

The T7Design K20 to Adapter plate kit has been designed to mate the famous K20 engine to one of the best feeling manual RWD gearboxes ever made, resulting in the perfect combination of engine and drivetrain ready to be swapped into any RWD chassis!

We wanted to offer a RWD kit for the K20 engine to function with the S2000 gearbox as if it had been available from factory, therefore we wanted to ensure compatibility with as many OEM parts as possible to allow the package to operate and drive like a standard vehicle and also be compatible with many aftermarket race clutches for motorsport use. This kit will work perfectly well for a daily driver or an all-out race car!

PLEASE NOTE: Some modifications for clearance are required for the K20 engines only.

  • The kit has been designed to work with the stock S2000 friction plate, clutch housing, and throw-out bearing, or aftermarket clutches that are compatible with the OEM S2000 flywheel.
  • Designed to use the OEM K20 clutch case dust cover.
  • Designed to use the OEM K20 starter motor.
  • Adapter plate is CNC machined from billet aluminium plate.
  • Single piece lightweight, K2F flywheel CNC machined from Chromoly Steel, weighing in at 4.99kg (11lbs) inc pilot bearing. This is the lightest K2F flywheel on the market and weighs in only a few hundred grams heavier than the OEM K20A2 flywheels.
  • Flywheel is supplied with pilot bearing installed.
  • Designed using full 3D laser scans of both the K20, F20C engines, S2000 Gearbox and all original flywheel and clutch components.
Parts included in the kit
Qty Item OEM Part Number
1x Billet Adapter Plate 53.21.001
1x Single Piece Chromoly Flywheel 53.21.002
1x Bolt & Hardware Pack -
Parts not included but required for conversion
Qty Item OEM Part Number
8x Honda K20 Flywheel Bolts M12x1 x 20mm 90011-PNA-B00
1x Honda K20 Clutch Dust Cover 21350-PRB-000
1x Honda S2000 Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc & Release Bearing Kit 22105-PCX-325
2x Honda Alignment Dowels 14 x 20mm 94301-14200
2x Honda Alignment Dowels 14 x 15mm 21350-PRB-000
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