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Odyssey PC680 Battery Cage

Odyssey PC680 Battery Cage

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T7Design's billet Odyssey PC680 battery tray is here and it is perfect for those building top level show cars, those that strive for the ultimate attention to detail or motorsport applications requiring the strongest, most secure battery retention. Our tray has been meticulously designed and manufactured to achieve the highest quality possible, all parts are CNC turned or milled from 6082 billet aluminium making them both very lightweight and very strong, perfect for safely securing your battery.

Included in the kit are a number of foam spacers to take up any small variations in the dimensions of the battery during its manufacture, as the battery is a fully sealed design the battery must be held with just the right amount of pressure without the risk of breaking the seal. The spacers also help dampen vibration and movement within the billet housing.

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