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Ultra Plus Performance Brake Pads To Suit EK1, EK4,EM1 262mm Rotor (Without ABS)

Ultra Plus Performance Brake Pads To Suit EK1, EK4,EM1 262mm Rotor (Without ABS)

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These Are the Top Tier Street Brake Pads To suit All models of EK4 EM1 and EK1 262mm Rotors the quick way to check if you have 262mm rotors is to look on the front of your brake caliper for a separate bar that runs under the main caliper section to strengthen the brake caliper (see pics) all base CXI EK1 Do NOT run this caliper or rotor from factory and it is a common and worth while upgrade to swap over to EK1 sedan front Hubs and Disc's and Rotors NON ABS MODELS ONLY

These high-quality brake pads contain zero copper, providing less environmental impact without compromising performance.

The ceramic formulation is stable even at very high temperatures and creates less dust, while the multi-layered metal shim includes an additional adhesive lever to minimise vibration and prevent brake noise.

Ultra Ceramic Plus Brake Pads come with synthetic lubricant and mounting hardware, where required.

Like all our brake pads, this product can be used straight from the box, saving on fitting time. This is thanks to an optimised surface, created by heating the pads to a high temperature at the factory to remove remaining gases or resins.

  • We Have tested these pads against High End Brembo Brake Pads and the Protex ULTRA PLUS PERFORMANCE Pads have a shorter stopping distance By 2meters
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