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T7Design K20 FWD Water Neck Outlet (Black) SUITS FWD

T7Design K20 FWD Water Neck Outlet (Black) SUITS FWD

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T7Design K20 Water Neck Outlet (Black)

Honda K20 Front Wheel Drive (FWD) Water Outlet Neck

The T7Design K20 Water Outlet Neck offers the end user more options for custom and race set ups over the original water neck. For example, we have included an ORB16 threaded outlet to allow the user to run either a 32mm hose adapter, or an AN16 fitting, the thermostat bypass outlet is an ORB08 and can be plugged if not required (for example electric water pump conversions). On the top there is an ORB06 to allow easy bleeding of the K20 engine, or it could be used to route an air bleed hose to a header tank. Underneath the top rad hose outlet we have a 1/4" NPT threaded hole for the installation of temperature sensors such as those used in Davies Craig EWP kits, or for an aftermarket gauge.


  • ORB16: For top radiator hose, OEM 32mm Hose barb or AN16 options available.
  • ORB08: Thermostat bypass hose, ORB08 to Barb or ORB08 blanking plug available.
  • ORB06: Air bleed, ORB06 blanking plug included.
  • Fits the following engine models: K20A, K20A2, K20A3, K20Z1 & K24A1
  • The ¼” NPT Sensor port, located on the bottom right of the outlet plate, is now ORB06 thread to match the top air bleed/header tank port. Please note, included in each delivery will be an additional ORB06 slimline port plug/blank.
  • We have also decided to remove the port thread information engravings to achieve a sleek and minimalistic appearance

Product Code: 96d-842-30a

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