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T7Design Titanium K20/K24 Intake Manifiold Studs SOLD Individually

T7Design Titanium K20/K24 Intake Manifiold Studs SOLD Individually

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T7Design Titanium K20/K24 Intake Manifiold Studs

Honda M8-1.25 Universal Titanium Inlet Manifold Nut & Stud Kit

Sold singularly, please see our Compatibility & Quantities guide at the bottom.

Our M8-1.25 stud kits are made from high quality Grade 5 titanium alloy and are perfect as replacement hardware for corroded OEM inlet or exhaust manifold bolts. Our studs feature a 3mm hex key tip to allow you to easily install them using an Allen Key/Wrench without damaging the threads. The kit looks fantastic, saves weight and will never corrode.

The kit is compatible with combined gasket and manifold depths of up to 20mm.

Each kit contains the following components:

Quantity Item
1x Ti M8 Studs with 3mm Hex Tip
1x Ti M8 Flanged Hex Head Nut
Grade 5 Titanium

Our race spec Titanium hardware is manufactured from only the best aircraft grade Titanium Alloy; Ti-6AL-4V (Grade5), our fasteners are fully forged and the threads are created using a superior rolling process, this results in greater fatigue resistance and can reduce the potential of galling when fastening.

Grade 5 Titanium fasteners are suitable as replacement bolts for Grade 8.8 steel fasteners, they have a good strength to weight ratio and offer weight savings of approximately 45% over that of equivalent steel bolts. As well as the obvious weight savings, Titanium has outstanding corrosion resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals resulting in a longer service life over standard BZP steel bolts.

Kit Compatibility & Quantities

Universal M8-1.25 thread pitch fits many popular applications for both inlet and exhaust manifolds.

Will fit the following engines, sold singularly, please add the correct quantity required to your cart prior to checkout.

Quantity Application
7x B16, B18, B20
10x D15, D16
10x F20B, F20C, F22C
10x H22, H23
7x K20, K24

Product Code: K20-K24-INLET-STUD-KIT

WEIGHT: 150g

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